About The Pop Music Library

Fading biographies; scurrilous novels lifting the lid on the music business; forgotten attempts to engage seriously with the world of pop. These are the volumes that will fill the shelves of The Pop Music Library.



About me

Hello, I’m Graham Tomlinson. I’ve previously written about comedy for The Kettering and on books and music for The Raconteur. I’ve also contributed the following longform pieces to Wales Arts Review:

Interview with writer, poet and performer John Osborne (November 2012)

Interview with composer, arranger, conductor and producer Johnny Harris (January 2014)

A celebration of the music of Pete Ham and Badfinger (April 2014)

Donald Peers’ unlikely 1969 appearance on Top of the Pops (December 2014)

Interview with folk singer and musician Sharron Kraus (May 2015)

Interview with songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, collaborator and producer Carwyn Ellis (June 2015)

A celebration of the 30th anniversary of Cupid and Psyche ’85 by Scritti Politti (June 2015)


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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