1. Ron says

    Hello Graham

    FANTASTIC website!
    Have really enjoyed the pages, brings back good music memories!

    Can you PLEASE contact me as i’d really appreciate to know where the Advert for the BBC release of (Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads) came from?

    Was this advert featured in Radio Times?
    If yes, would you happen to know which year and issue please?

    Many thanks

  2. Hello Ron – Thanks for the comment. Glad you’re enjoying the site!

    The advert was originally in a copy of the magazine I wrote about last month, called ‘Easy Listening’. It appears in issue number 5, dated May 1973, which has a picture of Petula Clark on the cover. By the time this issue came out, it had incorporated a second title, so to give it its full name as it appears on the cover, it’s ‘Easy Listening featuring Living with Stereo’.

    It seems to be a reasonably obscure magazine; I struck lucky on eBay, buying a single issue initially, and then winning a job lot which gave me a complete run. But other copies have come up since, so I’m sure it’s worth looking.

  3. Not long before I posted up this piece about the Pop Pic Library, another article appeared online about the series on the excellent After You’ve Gone blog, which you can read by following this link:


    Scroll down to this comments section of the post and you can see a partial checklist for the whole series. More copies of the comic have appeared on eBay in the last few months, so with luck it may eventually be possible to put together a full list. I’ll post up covers of any further copies I acquire.

    • Hi Michael – a number of them are by a Spanish artist called Ángel Badia Camps. There’s more about him in the last para of page 1 of the post.

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